Educate Africa (EA) is a US based nonprofit organization (501(c)(3) tax exempt) with a mission to provide computer and computer accessories needed to establish computer labs in schools. We are laying the foundation for world-class education by promoting easy access to computers and computer accessories.

We believe that one of the permanent solutions, not a temporary relief, to the economic challenges of African nations is a world-class education. Our goal is to be part of the solution and introduce technology as a means to improve quality of education by establishing computer labs in Schools. Our effort will significantly improve the educational system by introducing basic computer science education and hands-on computer application to students in high schools and middle schools. We help convert existing classrooms into computer labs, provide computers & computer accessories and setup school-based computer network. 


Our slogan “The Future is Here” puts emphasis on how far behind schools are when it comes to integration of computer and computer education into schools.  Students get early introduction to what should be a basic educational tool and a gateway to unlimited knowledge. EA is committed to not only introduce computer labs within these schools but to make sure the effort has lasting impact on students' lives and the community.




Computers and electronics are household items in developed countries, students are introduced to technology at a very young age, and it has become part of their day-to-day activities inside and outside schools. In contrast, for majority of students in Africa their very limited exposure to computers begins at Colleges and Universities. The primary challenge with getting an early exposure to computers in Africa is that families cannot afford to own computers. Schools also cannot afford computers because they are subsidized to provide resources for a basic education without emphasis on the quality and standard.  Therefore, introduction of computers in schools is the best way to maximize the number of country's young who gets an early exposure to computer and computer education. In the process, we provide schools with needed resources and educational materials to introduce technology as a means to achieve world class education.


EA partners with similar nonprofits, volunteers in US and around the world to make sure our effort is efficient and sustainable.  We also coordinate our effort with local schools, school districts, higher education facilities and other non-profit organizations at receiving country to make sure our effort has lasting impact on the student's life and their communities.


EA is currently reaching out to schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and will continue expanding its efforts to other cities in the country. With proven concept and execution, EA will duplicate its mission to schools in other African nations. These schools are located within vibrant cities and suburbs with needed infrastructure and security to establish school compter labs. We are pleased to have the opportunity to make a difference and thankful to all supporting the cause. Our effort not only provides students with the necessary life changing educational experience but also substantially improve the quality of available workforce. The students who choose to enter the workforce early without completion of their higher education will have the basic computer skills needed to function as skilled workforce, playing a major role in advancing the economy of participating African nations. Our effort has lasting impact on students, their communities and the countries hosting us.


EA holds fundraising events and similar activities for tax deductible donations from supporters within US and around the world. Most, if not all, of the computers and accessories are refurbished computers with new operating software purchased at discount from nonprofit partners in US.



Join us and make a difference, your SMALL financial support goes a long way.

To show our appreciation, we will send a set of traditional Ethiopian Shirt and Scarf for a donation of $100 or more.


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