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Educate Africa (EA) is a US-based nonprofit organization with a mission to provide computer and computer accessories needed to establish school computer labs. We are laying the foundation for world-class education by promoting easy access to computers and computer accessories in participating African countries.


With coordination and collaboration with local schools, school districts, higher education facilities, and other non-profit organizations in receiving countries, our effort has a lasting impact on the student's life and their communities.

Join Us and Make a Difference!!

EA partners with public, private, and non-profit organizations in the US and around the world.

Working with our local community in Stafford, Virginia

EA has signed a partnership agreement with Stafford County Public Schools. We are pleased to connect local schools and students with schools working with us in Africa. 


Laptops Donated to a Polytechnic in Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia

 Educate Africa (EA) has delivered 73 laptops to Tegbaried Polytechnic College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 80 plus years old polytechnic is known for preparing young students in various technical fields and hands-on experience. We are pleased to be in a position to support an educational institution of this caliber, accepting close to 1800 students per year. We are excited to see some of the laptops being used for the recently established incubation (innovation) center. 

Thank you to all who made this possible! We pledge to continue our support by providing computers and computer accessories to educational institutions.


The primary challenge to improving the computer literacy and the quality of education in Africa is the lack of exposure to computers. Families cannot afford to own computers and schools are subsidized to only provide basic education, without emphasis on the quality of education. Therefore, the introduction of computers in schools is an effective and efficient way of maximizing the number of country's young who gets early exposure to computer and computer education. To facilitate the transformation, we provide schools with needed resources and educational materials to introduce technology as a means to achieving a world-class education.


Our effort not only provides students with the necessary life-changing educational experience but also substantially improves the quality of the available workforce. The students who choose to enter the workforce early without completion of their higher education will have the basic computer skills needed to function as a skilled workforce, playing a major role in advancing the economy of participating African nations. 

Our slogan “The Future is Here” emphasizes how far behind schools are when it comes to integration of computer and computer education into schools. 

What we do

EA is currently reaching out to schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and will continue expanding its efforts to other cities in the country. With proven concepts and execution, EA will duplicate its mission to schools in other African nations. These schools are located within vibrant cities and suburbs with needed infrastructure and security to establish school computer labs. We help convert an existing classroom into a computer lab, provide computers & computer accessories, and set up a school-based computer network. Students get an early introduction to what should be a basic educational tool and a gateway to unlimited knowledge.

EA appreciates the continuous financial support from individuals and partners who are passionate about education and understand its power to transform lives. 



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Topic Based Reading


Listed below are research papers, reference articles, and interesting discussions on the topic of the use of computers or ICT 

(Information and Communication Technologies, as referred in the below articles). 

We will update the list and corresponding links as we come across other similar articles.

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